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United adopt firm stance as things get crazy

Posted by unitedfanatic on September 10, 2009

After a week of allegations against a host of English clubs, yet another allegation has surfaced against United. This time, Serie A club AC Fiorentina have claimed illegal transfer of their 16 year youngster Michele Fornasier who shone for the Viola at the Milk Cup tournament. FIFA are yet to receive the documentation but confirmed that they have been contacted by the Viola in this regard.

alex_ferguson_449060aOn the other hand, United have threatened Le Havre over false allegations made and reiterated that no money was offered to Pogba’s parents and such things are strictly against the Club’s policy. Sir Alex Ferguson has today said that Le Havre have to take back their statement.

“There has been a lot of jumping on the bandwagon of course but I can assure you that Manchester United have behaved absolutely correctly in all their dealings with young players and their parents,” said Ferguson. “There has never been a case, ever, that we have paid parents. It would be crazy to even contemplate that because it would be the biggest headache you could ever have, paying a parent. This was levelled by some frustrated director at the French club and he’s now going to have to retract. We do it impeccably. They were always going to bring Manchester United into it because they are the biggest club, but without any foundation, without any knowledge of the situation whatsoever. What other clubs do is subject to a lot of controversy at the moment but I’m confident at our own club.”

The decision given by FIFA against Chelsea earlier seems to have set the wheels in motion for this craziness and it will, hopefully, only lead to a concrete law being laid down to deal with the movement of youngsters and clear the air over what terms like “poaching” should mean.


2 Responses to “United adopt firm stance as things get crazy”

  1. aig alex is god said

    all these clubs are just tring to grab the headlines.i trust SAF and david gill in what they say and if they say we have done everything according to the laws they are right.i wont blame the kid too.he is getting a chance to play at the biggest club in the world anyone would want to take that chance.

  2. unitedfanatic said

    Exactly! There is so much difference in the attitude shown by chelsea and United! While chelsea are appealing(well they wouldnt have sat quiet) and have recalled kakuta to london immediately after he landed in asia to clarify details, Manchester United have adopted a clear stance and gone on to warn Le Havre against defaming United. This speaks volumes about the confidence of no wrongdoing and I’m now completely sure we are clean in this regard.

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