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Its great to be involved in the squad again: Ferdinand

Posted by unitedfanatic on September 14, 2009

02_Jermain_Defoe_sc_887601aUnited captain Rio Ferdinand has expressed his joy at being back into the team. While he looked slightly rusty in the opening minutes and could do nothing to stop Jermain Defoe scoring that absolute belter, he did pick up from where he left off and got better as the game wore on. Is it just me or is there a connection in the return to form of United and return of Rio?

“When you’re out injured it’s never good to sit and watch in the stands or be restless at home while the lads are playing. So it’s great to be involved in the squad again,” he told Manutd.com today.
On finding himself back in the physically tough and challenging Premier League football, and conceding a goal by the Spurs inside the first minute of the game, he says “It was a bit of a wake-up call, it hits home the fact you’re back playing in the first team again. But we responded in the right manner, getting the ball down and playing some of our best football this season.”

What strikes me as laudable about Rio is the fact that despite him being a first choice Centre back for the World’s Most Valuable Team, he appreciates how good it feels to be back in the team. It is important to have loyal players who do not place themselves above the team and feel happy to be back in the squad after an injury rather than take it for granted and this is what sets world beaters United apart from the billionaire-owned Manchester Cities and Chelseas of the world.


One Response to “Its great to be involved in the squad again: Ferdinand”

  1. aig alex is god said

    spot on.we have players who want to play for the team.Rio is a legend.he is getting increasingly injury prone which is a cause for concern but his class cannot be doubted.this attitude should be with all the players and they can learn from rio,giggs,nev,scholes.now that evans is undergoing surgery hope rio stays fit.

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