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United beat Besiktas away from home, Rooney loses his marbles and Sir Alex defends him

Posted by unitedfanatic on September 16, 2009

C_71_article_1095194_image_list_image_list_item_0_imageLast night, United beat Besiktas away from home in their first European night in a bid to reclaim the Champions League No. 1 spot from Barcelona.  Starting with a 4-5-1 formation and Rooney up front on his own, we didnt necessarily outclass Besiktas with them defending in numbers. After 60 odd minutes, Sir Alex made changes by bringing in Carrick and Rooney and sending on Owen and Berbatov.

Rooney shook his head in disappointment on being subbed, occupied his place on the bench and threw his boots to the ground. We went on to win the game, courtesy Scholes’ 77th minute header(yes, HEADER!!!) and it is 3 points in the bag.

Sir Alex has defended Wazza’s attitude by saying “He had played alone up front for 60 minutes and he was always coming off. He was disappointed because he is an energetic lad and he wants to play all the time”.

Well, you wouldn’t think SAF would choose to not comment on it. His defence for Wayne was expected, just like he defended Ronaldo for a hissy fit on the same lines last season. But then, it isn’t exactly right to compare the two. While I feel Wazza was justified for doing what he did, he shouldn’t have done what ronaldo does best.

We are not alien to Rooney’s temperamental bomb and there is nothing to gain. When he got himself sent off against Portugal at the World Cup, it wasnt his fault he got sent off and the whole world knows it. But what the heck does it matter. England were one man down and it was game over. It wasnt just any man. It was Wayne Rooney. This is what I fear for Wazza, and United in particular.

Rooney supports the heaviest burden of expectations by United fans from the whole squad and, god forbid, if he gets us in a difficult situation due to this, it will be a massive blow for the fans, the dressing room atmosphere, and our performance on the pitch. Making a mistake is not the issue. Not correcting it is. While Rooney keeps his cool most of the times and he is, no doubt, a thorough professional, it is these rare instances which get hyped, and have an impact on the referees who might need to take decisions within seconds.

So here’s hoping Wazza realizes his responsibilities, and proves his critics wrong that he is not material enough to captain United one day. Go Wazza!


One Response to “United beat Besiktas away from home, Rooney loses his marbles and Sir Alex defends him”

  1. aig alex is god said

    we all know wayne wants to play all the time.Sir Alex was clearly thinking about the derby.i think the game also proved that we should play a 4-4-2 than 4-5-1.rooney looks very isolated as hed did on tuesday.he needs a partner like berba and roo looked great against spurs.i was delighted with rooney’s reaction.he was disappointed that he could not score and that is always a good sign.hope he bangs them in on Sunday.

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