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Only the best for the biggest : Neville

Posted by unitedfanatic on November 16, 2009

Voicing his opinionsA hefty £20,000 fine and two match touchline ban in addition to two match suspended ban on Sir Alex might have put the debate about referees to bed, for most. But not for Neville. He has been backing the gaffer in voicing his opinions and supporting them with his own. The comments on Andre Marriner are a case in point.

And again, Nev has come out to say that the FA should be taking a leaf out of UEFA’s book by creating a pool of the best refs and only these should be appointed to the biggest and most intense games in the Premier League. It is, indeed, these games which have the might to make or break the season most of the time.

“Referees are having a tough time at the moment, but I must say that their decision making doesn’t seem to be great in the big moments,” he said.

“No one can deny it is very difficult to be a referee but they are supposed to be professionals.”

He adds, “The big matches should be refereed by the best referees. Italian referee Pierluigi Collina always used to get the big Champions League matches because he rarely made mistakes.

They should make it like that in England and use a few elite officials in the big games instead of trying to give all referees experience.

These big games shouldn’t be about giving refs experience. They should have to earn it. The best players play for the big clubs and the best commentators commentate on the big games. That’s how it should be with refs.”

Being a veteran of the Premier League that he is, he insists that it would be wrong to feel hard done by the refs, and acknowledges the pressure on them.

“I don’t think it was a foul by Darren Fletcher which led to the free-kick,” he added. “I don’t want to say we have been hard done by this season because every team has their complaints and I don’t want to jump on referees’ backs because they are under a lot of pressure.

“Not only that, but the game is so fast that you can’t eliminate all mistakes. Nevertheless, I expect the big decisions in the big matches to be correct, which is not happening at the moment.”

Spot on, Gary. It is more of this constructive criticism that we need, instead of heat of the moment rants that the media necessarily goof up. Although, It does help put the spotlight on the wrong decisions, which would be lost if not pointed out at the right time!


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