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Owen at 30!

Posted by united4ever2009 on December 13, 2009

He announced himself on the world stage in the 1998 World Cup with a spectacular finish against their bitter rivals Argentina.Since then, he has scored 40 goals for England in 89 appearances and is in striking distance of Sir Bobby Charlton’s record tally of  goals for England.Was considered to be finest striker of his generation. Michael Owen’s career has been one filled with many ups and downs. Spate of Injuries,Wrong choices have let him down over the years. Move to Real Madrid saw him spending more time on the bench, which was grave injustice to his striking prowess. The time at Newcastle was ridden with lack of coordinated team effort and service to him was meagre.

Adding to the woes, Owen was dropped from the National Squad.With the 2010 World Cup less than a year away, the transfer to United could be the right break at the right time. The spectacular finish against City in the dying moments, increased his acceptance among the Redfellas. The recent hattrick in the Champions League has not only increased his chances of making it to 2010, but also an answer to his critics,who felt he was a man past his prime.Enough said!

Owen celebrates his 30th birthday on December 14th.

Here’s Wishing Michael Owen a Very Happy Birthday! May the force be with you and United!


2 Responses to “Owen at 30!”

  1. srikrishna said

    he deserves to be in the english squad, can’t see the likes of defoe scoring over teams like brazil. Definitely the most talented english player.

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