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Posted by unitedfanatic on January 29, 2010

Wayne Rooney began the 2009-10 season with Sir Alex, Fabio Capello, and many others desiring him to feature in a more central role, and shoulder the responsibility of goal scoring in the absence of Ronaldo. Many said it would be too much pressure for him and he would crumble. Many said United would not cope with Ronaldo’s departure and the existing midfield needed match winners and big names. Unsatisfied with us not signing any big names in the summer while bringing in Antonio Valencia, Gabriel Obertan and Michael Owen. SAF had surely lost it. Or had he?

Time and again Sir Alex has proved his ingenuity at dealing with tough situations and, surely, he had planned a route for United a season ago, while retaining Ronaldo’s services and warding off Real’s advancements. He definitely knew we couldn’t hang on to Ronaldo after the 2008-09 season. So forced to make another tough decision, he did, while knowing that he had the one person who was integral to his plans all along. Wayne Rooney.

So with Rooney successfully shouldering the goalscoring responsibility, though not on his own, many have claimed United to have turned into a one-man team. Of course that’s not true. What is true is Rooney has made the task of coping with the absence of Ronaldo quite easy, but only the daft could overlook the contribution of United’s midfield. True, occasionally they stutter. But that does not negate their contributions! Rooney has, today, discarded the claims as nonsense.

“I don’t look on us as a one-man team or see it as a great burden on me, it’s nonsense. If I don’t get the service, I can’t score. If I don’t, I expect others to, and we’ve done that well. We’ve shared the goals out well and it’s certainly not just about me. We expect to win as a team, not as individuals.

“And I don’t need to say too much at all to people who think that United are starting to slide. Chelsea have a game in hand, but we’re still up there, in a good position in the Champions League and the final of the Carling Cup. I can’t see any slide from us at the minute.”

He added: “It’s so important to get the support of others when you’re playing up front on your own, or it can be pretty lonely up there. Those who said I’m not an out-and-out goal-scorer are probably right. I always feel I could score more. I didn’t used to get that many from inside the six-yard box in previous seasons.

But I’ve worked on my movement to create space and it’s paying off. So far this season I’ve managed it – in fact I can’t remember a goal I’ve scored from outside the box – and those tap-ins are down to the whole team, not one player.”

He goes on to praise his undying love for the club, and looks at the achievements, which cannot be ignored.

“City have done better this year and there are expectations of trophies. But I still think it will take time for anyone to get to where the top teams are at the moment. Quantcast With United’s history behind them, the titles they’ve won over the last 20 years, you can’t get that after just one season. United are still by far the top club in the world.

We’ve won the last three titles and no one’s managed four in a row, so we’d be creating history if we did. It’s a lot tighter this year, but we are hopeful we can do it again.”

Well known for his determination and passionate contributions for not settling for anything but winning, he adds, “I just hate losing and that gives you an extra determination to work harder.

“It’s how I’ve been brought up. My mum and dad raised me to never give up and to be as strong as you can in everything.”

On England’s chances at the World Cup and Fabio Capello, he joked, “The manager is scary. He’s got everyone more on their toes and because of that we have become a better team.

“We did well in the qualifying stages and hopefully we can carry that into the finals and do better than previous tournaments. But it’s not hard to put the World Cup out of your mind, because the Premier League and Champions League are such big tournaments too. We have a week off before we meet up with England at the end of the season, so there’s time for a break then. As a player it isn’t nice not being involved. When you’re watching, there’s nothing you can do to influence things.”

“In fact the only time I ever speak about it is in interviews. The only other thing taking the time is arranging flights for people – it’s been doing my head in for weeks!”


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