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Van Der Sar : No thoughts about future

Posted by unitedfanatic on February 2, 2010

Manchester United No.1 Edwin Van Der Sar has admitted that he hasn’t thought about playing beyond the end of his contract (end of this season) yet.  In an interview with Dutch Magazine VI, he revealed –

“Other things in my life are more important than thinking about my future at Manchester United. I am just living from week to week.

So I have no idea what I will do next season and I don’t think it’s appropriate to make plans at this moment.

I see things now in whole different perspective. My wife is still in Holland but I hope she will be able to join me in Manchester again soon and that we can get things back to how they were before.

It has been a very difficult time for us and very hectic, too, but we had to battle on and fight through it.”

After spending 3 weeks’ time to take care of his bed ridden wife while recovering from a knee injury himself, he returned to add stability at the back for United in good measure for the game against Burnley, and the Carling Cup semi final clash against noisy neighbours City.

United’s decision to grant Van Der Sar a compassionate leave when only 2 of our 9 defenders were fit to play speaks volumes about the co-operation and support that the players have at this club.

“What did help me and my wife was the incredible support from the people at Manchester United.

It is unbelievable how the manager, the players and everyone connected with United have helped my family to get through this.

They have given us so much warmth and some lovely messages of hope.

“United also allowed me to take time to come back and granted me the peace and quiet that I needed to sort things out for my family. Nobody expects this sort of thing to happen.”

Van Der Sar has been an integral part of our defence, and defied his age to be a part of that unbeaten run last season, which sent us on our way to the title. We still haven’t resolved the goalkeeping crisis in his absence, and his presence between the posts is always a relief.

But he stands at 39 years old, and we can’t expect him to go on and on. Trust Sir Alex to have elaborate plans about that too. Whenever he is aware of the impending departure/retirement of any player, the right decisions have been made.

In Sir Alex we trust!


2 Responses to “Van Der Sar : No thoughts about future”

  1. aig alex is god said

    I personally want him to stay. Despite missing games in the season, he still came back as if he never missed any games. The defence looks much more composed and calm when VDS is in goal.

  2. Wazza said

    I want him to too. Especially since we have seen how disastrous things can get in his absence!! Hope the strains aren’t too much for him for playing another season.

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