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Exclusive : An interview with the Angels of Football

Posted by unitedfanatic on November 15, 2009

football1_5International break is now underway, and what better opportunity than this to get to interview the true guardians of football (No, not the FIFA/UEFA/FA. And you’d be a nutter if you thought the AIFF). The REAL guardians. A distinguished member of the fair play wing, the Congregation of Angels for Integrity in Football, or CAIF, consented to take some time off from his busy schedule.

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PES 2010: The ultimate football game

Posted by united4ever2009 on November 2, 2009

I’ve been fan of Pro Evolution Soccer video games since PES 3 was released on PlayStation 2. At that time, it was the most realistic simulation of football. EA Sports’ FIFA series always remained in the shadows. But in recent years, PES has been getting flak for very few improvements in gameplay, poor commentary and frame-rate hiccups. EA Sports improved the FIFA series every year but fleshing out new gameplay modes, including licenses and updating graphics every year. This time, Konami, the developers of PES had promised to return PES to its glory years. Have they been successful? Absolutely yes.

PES 2010

Graphics are Surreal
The graphics are greatly improved from the 2009 edition. The player faces look realistic and you can instantly recognise them. The animations are fluid and there is rarely a hiccup in the framerate. But its the gameplay that triumphs here. The difficulty is slighly raised from the previous edition. The players play like their real-life counterparts. For example, Berbatov isn’t quick by any means but his movement is swift and movement of ball is effective. Goals can be scored from nearly every position. Although the goal-keeper is decent, it does get irritating sometimes. Coming to the gameplay modes, The UEFA CL mode steals the show.

The menus are much more polished and look pleasing to the eye. The traditional Master League Mode and Become A Legend are addictive as well. The biggest complaint I’ve had so far is the penalty kicks. It has been implemented poorly but nevers detracts from the overall experience. Another drawback is the fewer number of licenses but that doesn’t matter as you can find many patches online to include licensed kits and stadia. The commentary has always been poor in the PES series. How I wish Martin Tyler and Andy Gray would commentate in this game? It would be a spectacle. I haven’t played the online mode but the offline experience has hooked me int0 it.

So, I recommend every football fan play this superb game. It really plays like a game of football. Check it out.

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Hitler reaction to Liverpool vs Sunderland

Posted by unitedfanatic on October 20, 2009

Whoever edited this is a genius!!

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