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Becks still has it in him to go on for another 3-4 years

Posted by unitedfanatic on February 15, 2010

Ryan Giggs, who is out with an elbow injury and missing the trip to AC Milan, has spoken about his relation with Beckham and has nothing but good things to say about him.

“We are different in the sense he has been in the limelight, front page and back, while I prefer to keep myself to myself.

But I still speak to him. He has not changed as a person.

He has always loved football. He has always been dedicated and that is still the same now.

Like myself, Becks looks after himself.

He is naturally fit and is a natural athlete, so I am not surprised he is still going at all. In fact I reckon he will keep going for another three or four years.

We had a couple of chances to meet when he was at Real Madrid but it is great that it will finally happen and great for Becks to come back.

It will be fantastic for the fans to see him again because he was a great player for United and still is a great player for England and Milan — and in America as well.”

About the looming encounter with AC Milan and the threat posed by Becks, he added, “I hope he doesn’t do anything nasty to us. He is a quality player and has always risen to the occasion.

With the right foot he has he can just ping balls 50 yards or make a five or ten-yard pass. He has amazing accuracy. And we must try not to give free-kicks away from 25 or 30 yards out because he is capable of putting them into the top corner.

Hopefully he will enjoy it – but not that much.”


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Giggs on the season ahead and his future

Posted by unitedfanatic on September 6, 2009


Ryan Giggs is the latest to warn all those who are questioning our success and deems it foolish to be writing off Manchester United following Ronaldo’s departure. Considering that this is his 20th season with United, and that he has been witness to the cycle of evolution and how, each time, we have dealt with the departure of players of the likes of Keane, Beckham, and Nistelrooy, it makes sense to agree with the veteran.

“The club won’t stand still because players have left,” he added. “We will continue to evolve under the manager and maintain our challenge for silverware. People are making a far bigger thing of it outside the club than we are. Obviously Cristiano was a world-class player and will be missed – but how many times have players left United and we have been written off only to prove the critics wrong? I have seen great players come and go, but the drive and determination to succeed remain the same. Don’t underestimate the manager. I have discovered over the years he always seems to come up with the answers.”

Also, Giggs will be celebrating his 36th birthday in some months’ time and has expressed his thoughts for the future today.

“Football is my life, but I’m not going to be playing at 40 – and I will look for another challenge within in the game. When my body tells me I can’t sustain playing at the highest level any more I know it will be time for me to call it a day. I want to finish playing at the top. I have no intention of playing in the lower leagues to sustain my playing career. I have done my coaching courses and would like to stay in the game in some capacity. I think there are numerous opportunities that will allow me to stay in the game, be it in coaching, the media or training in some capacity. I am told that you can inadvertently fall into management – like Mark Hughes and then you get bitten by the bug.”

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