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A disappointing loss at Old Trafford

Posted by unitedfanatic on December 13, 2009

The first home loss United suffer at home this season. And the first to Villa at Old Trafford in 26 years.

Sir Alex Ferguson put Park Ji Sung in the starting line up, leaving Berba and Owen on the bench. Remains a ┬ámystery why he wanted to do that. Maybe he was attempting to establish a good chemistry in our 4-5-1 system and hone Rooney’s skills as a lone striker? But if thats so, then why in this dangerous fixture? With a makeshift defence of Brown and Vidic and Darren “I own the frikkin midfield” Fletcher at right back, it was always going to be a difficult fixture, but it might have been difficult to acknowledge that, given the manner of our victories against West Ham and Wolfsburg.

So with a basically 4-5-1 setup and Giggs moving as supporting striker occasionally, it was still looking good for us. It looked like we could capitalize on the 2 dropped points by Chelsea. But it was all undone by the goal that came at a very crucial time for Villa at the hands of Agbonlahor. A deserved goal for Villa.

Would we have been better off with Carrick and Vidic at the centre of our defence, and Brown at right back? It was vital to contain Ashley Young, and maybe we underestimated the chances of Fletcher being dominated by Young.

But we made a strong comeback and poured forward, with Giggs and Rooney disappointingly missing some chances, and more notably, Rooney belting the ball goalward, only to rattle the crossbar. Frustrating.

After half time, it was expected that United would dominate, and Villa would defend in numbers. And that is, pretty much, what happened. Only, we never equalized. Why was Giggs brought off at half time? He was putting in great efforts and almost equalized before the break. Another injury? Hope not.

Too many questions, and not many answers, as of now. The story of the second half was pretty much the same throughout. United attacked. It was snuffed out. And again regained possession. But Villa literally had 8 men in their D whenever the ball got near, and again it was snuffed out.

And it ended with just 3 minutes of added time, the only complaint I can make of the Match officials. It was too less! There were too many interruptions in the second half and though 5 minutes would have been too much, 4 would have been less too. But still, we could have settled for 4.

The other decision, of a Yellow for a dive by Rooney, I will not argue. There was no contact, and the booking was warranted in every way. But that doesn’t mean Wazza was trying to fool the ref. He never made any appeal for a penalty. He could have tripped, he could’ve anticipated a tackle and gone off balance, or maybe it was a blatant dive. But knowing him, I know most would rightfully agree with me that he wouldn’t have celebrated, even if a penalty was wrongfully given.

But in a way, I’m glad of one thing atleast. If we would have lost when Chelsea would have won, It would have been much worse. Three points is still reaching distance. And there seems to be some invisible force at work against Chelsea. Even in its absence, there will be ACON to cheer us on to title glory.

On the bright side, now we go on a run of relatively easy fixtures in the league, facing the likes of Birmingham, Burnley, Hull City(twice), Wolverhampton and Fulham till January 26th. Thats not to undermine those teams, but they’re relatively easy games. And it coincides with the christmas, new year and ACON time. Thats the period when we have so often lifted ourselves to the top of the table for good. Lets hope its the same this time around!


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FA Cup 3rd round Draw

Posted by unitedfanatic on November 29, 2009

The FA Cup draw for the 3rd round has just completed and United have been drawn at Home to Kettering Town or Leeds United, depending on the 2nd round outcome of their game.

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