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Noisy trophyless neighbours do United a favour

Posted by unitedfanatic on February 27, 2010

Lets face it. United haven’t got unwanted neighbours after all. They provide us with so many opportunities to laugh at them as well as laugh with them that its kind of good to have the noisy neighbours that we have.

On numerous occasions, they have demonstrated their mentality (Small club??), which is the obvious thing someone does when they are screaming for being in the spotlight and cannot stand someone else (Us!) having it. Welcome to Manchester was a case in point.

They mocked the fans’ banner and said they were out to take it down. Only to be knocked out of their only remaining options – the league cup and the FA cup.

They have given us reasons to believe that rich unity of play in the team is what matters, not a rich owner. Knocked out of the Carling Cup and the league game at OT in the injury time on both occasions demonstrated on which side of Manchester the better “team” lies.

Yet, they have helped us in our quest for the title by doing the double over Chelsea winning 2-1 at home, and 4-2 away.

Many thanks. 34 years and still counting!!


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An explanation from the man in the form of his life

Posted by unitedfanatic on January 21, 2010

You got it right. Yes we’re talking about him!

What a pity. He just loves the press, doesn’t he? Why all the explanations? Why all the justifications?

Well, surely, If he’s started it, then he won’t be the one to let someone else have the last laugh. All the slagging off in the press about United and all the LIES, he won’t be one to sit quiet!

Yeah, he deserves the Player of the month for what he achieved in December. Yes he’s playing good football. But can he be accommodating for the club he loves? Firstly, he doesn’t “love” his employer club like he claims. Its just joy and liking. He’s appreciated by the fans, he achieves trophies with the club, sure he’ll like it! But FYI mate, love goes beyond liking. Love means sacrifice for the greater good. Even if it means having to adjust. Secondly, NO. He cannot be accommodating. He wants to play as much as he wants to play.

This does bring up the confusing question involving love and professionalism. Its his job, right? Why bring love into it when he’s merely taking a better paying, more opportune offer elsewhere? How does it matter if they’re rivals? Its morally the right thing to do if he’s not been kept “satisfied” by his present employers, right?

This is where the players themselves need to be clear. Draw the line. At any other job, you’d just keep shut, collect your paycheck every month, keep giving your best output for your employers, and be with them through thick and thin. Occasionally worrying about appraisals, growth, etc. But this is football. Professionalism has a slightly different meaning. Essentially its the same! But there are certain things other professionals couldn’t dream of doing at with their employers.

Slagging them off in the press while still employed? First claiming that your manager is the best manager in the world, gives you a lot of respect and then 3 months later, saying he hasn’t even bothered to talk to you the whole year, and he’s disrespectful. Really?

I agree he wasn’t given a lot of opportunities in his second season with United. Was brought on as a sub for more times than he’d like to have started. But get this Tevez. If you want someone to be understanding about you, you ought to be understanding of them too. Atleast, that’s how it works in the normal world for normal people. Doesn’t seem to be like that in yours. You got to understand that when SAF was forced to shell out £8m-10m extra for Berbatov, it was obvious that the gaffer had GRAND plans for United, with the firepower of yourself and Rooney already at his disposal. So, it made sense to play Berbatov so he can settle down well with the team. Get used to how it works with playing in a squad, rather than a team. That would, unfortunately, involve you having to adjust for some time. But if you loved the manager, loved the fans, loved the club, is it too much to ask to repose trust in them? Especially after winning so many trophies? And being given so much time on the pitch? Even if sometimes as a sub, you still are getting playing time right? Not as much as you’d like, but even temporarily? Its not like you were sidelined completely. This is where the “I’m doing a job. I am a professional” affirmation comes in and the misery begins. Very convenient.

I must also mention that Joorabchian had a major role to play. He wouldn’t even settle for the £25m we offered. City had come knocking till then. And the verbal abuse had done its damage too. £47m from City is too tempting to turn down. About the fans’ reaction, You can’t not ask for it by saying “I love you fans!”, then signing for bitter rivals due to personal issues. Why take it out on the fans when the manager disrespected you.

So 5 months down, he’s apparently happy at City? Sure. Now their fans applaud him so he “loves” it there. There’s NO way City can keep Adebayor, Bellamy, Tevez, Santa Cruz, and Robinho all happy. Unless they throw in lot of money into the equation.

Again the pang of “I’m a professional” sets in. “I’m getting paid shitloads even when I’m not playing! The fans still love me! Geez!”. Which one of us wouldn’t love to be paid a lot of money even when we don’t work? Sure. All of us.

So really, the fine line between professionalism in football and professionalism in the outer world has been, is being, and will be abused time and again by players. Also, please do yourself a favour Tev. Don’t offer any more deluded explanations for what was.

You can read Tevez’s latest justifications here.

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FA Cup 3rd round Draw

Posted by unitedfanatic on November 29, 2009

The FA Cup draw for the 3rd round has just completed and United have been drawn at Home to Kettering Town or Leeds United, depending on the 2nd round outcome of their game.

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