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ManUtd vs. Chelsea: Some Interesting Facts

Posted by unitedfanatic on April 1, 2010

A disappointing performance in Munich and an injury to our best player this season later, it is important for the players to put it behind them and look ahead to the remaining two season defining games, if I may add for cliche’ lovers, of the 3 games in 7 days.

Rooney is set to miss this one and its a shame he has to sit out these big games after such a sizzling run of form.

Here’s a set of interesting facts ahead of Chelsea’s trip to Old Trafford.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson has won only one and lost five (including Community Shield on penalties) of his six meetings with Carlo Ancelotti.
  • Man Utd have won three and lost none of their last four home games against Chelsea.
  • The Blues have only scored one goal in their last four visits to Old Trafford.
  • Man Utd have won 10 and drawn one of the 11 games that Rooney has not played for them in the Premier League since the start of 2008-09.
  • Man Utd have only conceded two goals in their last 11 Premier League matches at Old Trafford – both were headers.
  • Since Darren Bent scored for Sunderland in October, Man Utd have gone 19 hours and 23 minutes at Old Trafford without conceding from a shot; all four goals shipped since have been headers.
  • Didier Drogba has failed to score in eight Premier League appearances against Man Utd.
  • Nicolas Anelka scored in each of his first four Premier League starts against Man Utd, but has netted just one in his last eight starts versus the Red Devils.
  • Frank Lampard has scored eight goals in the last four Premier League games that Didier Drogba has missed
  • Dimitar Berbatov has scored eight goals in his last nine Premier League starts for Manchester United.

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Bolt : I want to be celebrating at the end

Posted by unitedfanatic on February 28, 2010

Fastest man in the world

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world – holder of double world record for 100m and 200m sprints, is a self confessed Manchester United fan and, in the past, has visited Old Trafford on several occasions. Ahead of the Carling Cup final against Aston Villa, he is desperately backing United to defend the trophy as he prepares to meet his mates at his Kingston home at 10am Caribbean time for kick-off.

The athlete said he got a jolt when United lost 3-1 to Everton last week, especially since he was up before 8AM to watch the match, and was subsequently late for his training on Tuesday due to watching the 3-0 victory over West Ham.

“When it comes to January normally we play superbly all the way to the end.

This time it’s been up and down. We haven’t found that right XI which blends together, although there have been injuries.

Whenever Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher are together in midfield, I feel much better. I also prefer two up front rather than Wayne Rooney on his own – even though he has done very well in that role this season.

The problem is who the other striker should be because Dimitar Berbatov hasn’t done it.

We need him to step up. We were looking for big things from him but he has been disappointing.

Our back four has been the main problem, though. We might play five games well and when it comes to the next important one we mess up.

If Nemanja Vidic and Rio Ferdinand were playing together, we would be all right but, unfortunately, that isn’t happening.

Wayne has shown what it is to step up with the character of a champion.

He has taken on the big responsibility since Ronaldo left. In team sports if the main guy leaves, it’s up to others to say ‘Listen, it’s my time’ and that’s what he’s done.”

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Noisy trophyless neighbours do United a favour

Posted by unitedfanatic on February 27, 2010

Lets face it. United haven’t got unwanted neighbours after all. They provide us with so many opportunities to laugh at them as well as laugh with them that its kind of good to have the noisy neighbours that we have.

On numerous occasions, they have demonstrated their mentality (Small club??), which is the obvious thing someone does when they are screaming for being in the spotlight and cannot stand someone else (Us!) having it. Welcome to Manchester was a case in point.

They mocked the fans’ banner and said they were out to take it down. Only to be knocked out of their only remaining options – the league cup and the FA cup.

They have given us reasons to believe that rich unity of play in the team is what matters, not a rich owner. Knocked out of the Carling Cup and the league game at OT in the injury time on both occasions demonstrated on which side of Manchester the better “team” lies.

Yet, they have helped us in our quest for the title by doing the double over Chelsea winning 2-1 at home, and 4-2 away.

Many thanks. 34 years and still counting!!

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Becks still has it in him to go on for another 3-4 years

Posted by unitedfanatic on February 15, 2010

Ryan Giggs, who is out with an elbow injury and missing the trip to AC Milan, has spoken about his relation with Beckham and has nothing but good things to say about him.

“We are different in the sense he has been in the limelight, front page and back, while I prefer to keep myself to myself.

But I still speak to him. He has not changed as a person.

He has always loved football. He has always been dedicated and that is still the same now.

Like myself, Becks looks after himself.

He is naturally fit and is a natural athlete, so I am not surprised he is still going at all. In fact I reckon he will keep going for another three or four years.

We had a couple of chances to meet when he was at Real Madrid but it is great that it will finally happen and great for Becks to come back.

It will be fantastic for the fans to see him again because he was a great player for United and still is a great player for England and Milan — and in America as well.”

About the looming encounter with AC Milan and the threat posed by Becks, he added, “I hope he doesn’t do anything nasty to us. He is a quality player and has always risen to the occasion.

With the right foot he has he can just ping balls 50 yards or make a five or ten-yard pass. He has amazing accuracy. And we must try not to give free-kicks away from 25 or 30 yards out because he is capable of putting them into the top corner.

Hopefully he will enjoy it – but not that much.”

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Another encounter of men against boys

Posted by unitedfanatic on February 1, 2010

The title charge has truly been reignited! With this 3-1 pounding of Arsenal, the Champions continue building their momentum while dampening the North Londoners’ spirits.

After the humiliating 3-0 defeat at Craven Cottage, United have picked it up from there and gone about their ruthless streak. Found the back of the net 19 times in 6 Premier League games and picked up 16 points from a possible 18.  More than anything, United have strongly re-established their reputation of being feared.

There were simply too many positives yesterday, so much so that it would be rude to talk about the negatives. Arsenal needed to really show up and Arshavin looked like the only man who was fired up, but he could have done better.

Fabregas was kept quiet for the entire match and deprived of time and space.

Denilson was as anonymous as the Sardarji at Old Trafford who occupies his seat beside the dugout area and is to be seen only once or twice in the entire game as an unmissable backdrop to the shouting manager, despite it being such a conspicuous position.

Clichy was left gasping for breath. And the ball. Arsenal’s defence was pretty solid, keeping United from having their way in the box many times, but perhaps their cause was lost by Vermaelen rushing forward and helping in the attack, when it should have been Denilson doing that.

They sorely missed Van Persie, as a clueless Rosicky ran hither thither.

The United midfield yet again proved a point. That they won’t stand being underestimated, and let all the credit go to Rooney alone. Nani must make Valencia seem like a small time winger, and probably gives the gaffer a headache, but these sort of headaches are good to have. And all this, without even Giggs’ presence on the field! Simply “mind blasting”, as an amused Russell Peters would put it were he a United supporter.

Our defence was without two first choice centre backs and did a great job.

The only negative that I can see is the poor start to the game that we had – sloppy in possession, and bossed in the midfield despite having a man extra. The couple of chances Arsenal had early on were enough to give us a scare, and had they been converted into goals, it could have been a very different story.

But, oh well. Not a single shot on target until the 57th minute says something very obvious. The boys were put in their place.

Glory Glory Man United!

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An explanation from the man in the form of his life

Posted by unitedfanatic on January 21, 2010

You got it right. Yes we’re talking about him!

What a pity. He just loves the press, doesn’t he? Why all the explanations? Why all the justifications?

Well, surely, If he’s started it, then he won’t be the one to let someone else have the last laugh. All the slagging off in the press about United and all the LIES, he won’t be one to sit quiet!

Yeah, he deserves the Player of the month for what he achieved in December. Yes he’s playing good football. But can he be accommodating for the club he loves? Firstly, he doesn’t “love” his employer club like he claims. Its just joy and liking. He’s appreciated by the fans, he achieves trophies with the club, sure he’ll like it! But FYI mate, love goes beyond liking. Love means sacrifice for the greater good. Even if it means having to adjust. Secondly, NO. He cannot be accommodating. He wants to play as much as he wants to play.

This does bring up the confusing question involving love and professionalism. Its his job, right? Why bring love into it when he’s merely taking a better paying, more opportune offer elsewhere? How does it matter if they’re rivals? Its morally the right thing to do if he’s not been kept “satisfied” by his present employers, right?

This is where the players themselves need to be clear. Draw the line. At any other job, you’d just keep shut, collect your paycheck every month, keep giving your best output for your employers, and be with them through thick and thin. Occasionally worrying about appraisals, growth, etc. But this is football. Professionalism has a slightly different meaning. Essentially its the same! But there are certain things other professionals couldn’t dream of doing at with their employers.

Slagging them off in the press while still employed? First claiming that your manager is the best manager in the world, gives you a lot of respect and then 3 months later, saying he hasn’t even bothered to talk to you the whole year, and he’s disrespectful. Really?

I agree he wasn’t given a lot of opportunities in his second season with United. Was brought on as a sub for more times than he’d like to have started. But get this Tevez. If you want someone to be understanding about you, you ought to be understanding of them too. Atleast, that’s how it works in the normal world for normal people. Doesn’t seem to be like that in yours. You got to understand that when SAF was forced to shell out £8m-10m extra for Berbatov, it was obvious that the gaffer had GRAND plans for United, with the firepower of yourself and Rooney already at his disposal. So, it made sense to play Berbatov so he can settle down well with the team. Get used to how it works with playing in a squad, rather than a team. That would, unfortunately, involve you having to adjust for some time. But if you loved the manager, loved the fans, loved the club, is it too much to ask to repose trust in them? Especially after winning so many trophies? And being given so much time on the pitch? Even if sometimes as a sub, you still are getting playing time right? Not as much as you’d like, but even temporarily? Its not like you were sidelined completely. This is where the “I’m doing a job. I am a professional” affirmation comes in and the misery begins. Very convenient.

I must also mention that Joorabchian had a major role to play. He wouldn’t even settle for the £25m we offered. City had come knocking till then. And the verbal abuse had done its damage too. £47m from City is too tempting to turn down. About the fans’ reaction, You can’t not ask for it by saying “I love you fans!”, then signing for bitter rivals due to personal issues. Why take it out on the fans when the manager disrespected you.

So 5 months down, he’s apparently happy at City? Sure. Now their fans applaud him so he “loves” it there. There’s NO way City can keep Adebayor, Bellamy, Tevez, Santa Cruz, and Robinho all happy. Unless they throw in lot of money into the equation.

Again the pang of “I’m a professional” sets in. “I’m getting paid shitloads even when I’m not playing! The fans still love me! Geez!”. Which one of us wouldn’t love to be paid a lot of money even when we don’t work? Sure. All of us.

So really, the fine line between professionalism in football and professionalism in the outer world has been, is being, and will be abused time and again by players. Also, please do yourself a favour Tev. Don’t offer any more deluded explanations for what was.

You can read Tevez’s latest justifications here.

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Quickie review of the 1-1 draw at St.Andrews

Posted by unitedfanatic on January 10, 2010

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A disappointing loss at Old Trafford

Posted by unitedfanatic on December 13, 2009

The first home loss United suffer at home this season. And the first to Villa at Old Trafford in 26 years.

Sir Alex Ferguson put Park Ji Sung in the starting line up, leaving Berba and Owen on the bench. Remains a  mystery why he wanted to do that. Maybe he was attempting to establish a good chemistry in our 4-5-1 system and hone Rooney’s skills as a lone striker? But if thats so, then why in this dangerous fixture? With a makeshift defence of Brown and Vidic and Darren “I own the frikkin midfield” Fletcher at right back, it was always going to be a difficult fixture, but it might have been difficult to acknowledge that, given the manner of our victories against West Ham and Wolfsburg.

So with a basically 4-5-1 setup and Giggs moving as supporting striker occasionally, it was still looking good for us. It looked like we could capitalize on the 2 dropped points by Chelsea. But it was all undone by the goal that came at a very crucial time for Villa at the hands of Agbonlahor. A deserved goal for Villa.

Would we have been better off with Carrick and Vidic at the centre of our defence, and Brown at right back? It was vital to contain Ashley Young, and maybe we underestimated the chances of Fletcher being dominated by Young.

But we made a strong comeback and poured forward, with Giggs and Rooney disappointingly missing some chances, and more notably, Rooney belting the ball goalward, only to rattle the crossbar. Frustrating.

After half time, it was expected that United would dominate, and Villa would defend in numbers. And that is, pretty much, what happened. Only, we never equalized. Why was Giggs brought off at half time? He was putting in great efforts and almost equalized before the break. Another injury? Hope not.

Too many questions, and not many answers, as of now. The story of the second half was pretty much the same throughout. United attacked. It was snuffed out. And again regained possession. But Villa literally had 8 men in their D whenever the ball got near, and again it was snuffed out.

And it ended with just 3 minutes of added time, the only complaint I can make of the Match officials. It was too less! There were too many interruptions in the second half and though 5 minutes would have been too much, 4 would have been less too. But still, we could have settled for 4.

The other decision, of a Yellow for a dive by Rooney, I will not argue. There was no contact, and the booking was warranted in every way. But that doesn’t mean Wazza was trying to fool the ref. He never made any appeal for a penalty. He could have tripped, he could’ve anticipated a tackle and gone off balance, or maybe it was a blatant dive. But knowing him, I know most would rightfully agree with me that he wouldn’t have celebrated, even if a penalty was wrongfully given.

But in a way, I’m glad of one thing atleast. If we would have lost when Chelsea would have won, It would have been much worse. Three points is still reaching distance. And there seems to be some invisible force at work against Chelsea. Even in its absence, there will be ACON to cheer us on to title glory.

On the bright side, now we go on a run of relatively easy fixtures in the league, facing the likes of Birmingham, Burnley, Hull City(twice), Wolverhampton and Fulham till January 26th. Thats not to undermine those teams, but they’re relatively easy games. And it coincides with the christmas, new year and ACON time. Thats the period when we have so often lifted ourselves to the top of the table for good. Lets hope its the same this time around!

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Crippling United squad leave Wolfsburg howling

Posted by unitedfanatic on December 9, 2009

I didn’t get to watch yesterday’s win over Wolfsburg, with Ten Sports opting to please the Real Madrid fans and broadcast their game against Marseille. So haven’t got much to say except, ROLL ON UNITED!! Roll on Owen!!

Come 18 december, would there be any team which wouldn’t be praying to avoid us in the last 16 round??

Hell no!

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No bigger disregard. No better favour !

Posted by unitedfanatic on November 10, 2009

5 points off the pace from the top of the table. Feels bad. And yet again we are done in by the referee. Feels real bad. This, despite playing some fantastic football and keeping the likes of Drogba, Essien, Lampard and Anelka silent. Feels like frikkin Arsenal. So what if the referee made an unfair decision against Chelsea, too?

Giving a yellow to Drogba for a Johny Evans foul seems like a license for Chelsea supporters to say that their United counterparts are overdoing the “ref did us in” debate.


Had Chelsea lost the game to some poor decisions, Well… We know the story. For refereeing mistakes such as in this game, its either the fans of one side who protest, or the other. All sane discussion goes out the window.


The equation is simple. Equip the referees, damn it! Get them aids (no pun intended) to help them make fair and balanced decisions. I’m not saying the refs are out to get us, or conspiring against us.

But why can’t anyone have the right to protest wrong decisions? For all the fuss made about the RESPECT campaign, there can be no faith, let alone respect, for referees who influence games toward unfair outcomes.

After letting the Darren bent balloon goal stand against Liverpool, the ref was demoted to refereeing in the championship. Does that make up for the mistake and points lost? No, Absolutely not.

It is a matter of highest concern, and the colours of protesting fans can only keep changing with passing games. It was blue in start of may after Barcelona qualified for the Finals of Champions League, Red yesterday, and who knows what tomorrow.

On a more encouraging note, United had a nice game yesterday, refereeing atrocities apart. Our performance was awesome and we outperformed and outclassed Chelsea left, right and centre. So taking heart from the performance is the wisest thing to do.

Critics of United, Beware. For, there can be no bigger disregard to the Premier League than underestimate Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United. Liverpool showed us off in the 90’s for our lack of titles compared to their 18. We stand on level ground now. We were written off several times last season owing to a bad start and the accompanying fixture pile-up. Ditto this time ’round, minus the fixture congestion and that can only be better for us. You can’t do us a bigger favour than underestimate United. Therein lies our strength, and your weakness.

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