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Disappointing draw, SAF asked to explain comments and VDS up for reserve action

Posted by unitedfanatic on October 6, 2009

What a disappointing night for the champions Saturday was. I don’t even know where to start. Danny Welbeck and Johny Evans started the game and the opening minutes were utterly disappointing for us, not that they are to be singled out for it. The midfield failed to click, everyone tried to outdo the other in losing the ball and Sunderland were bang into it. We failed to break down their defence, let alone terrorise it. The defence was about the only thing that looked comparatively in shape, though significantly below our usual standards. Don’t think I need to say much about anything, but hope we don’t repeat such performances.

After the game, Sir Alex Ferguson made no bones of admitting the fact that we were pathetic, before ranting about the referee being pathetic too. It doesn’t mean he blamed the ref for losing, but he really was pathetic in the game. Bardsley received a booking the third time he committed a foul, which he should have received on his first itself. Ref took ages to book players and was nowhere near the United box when Jones elbowed Foster to head that second goal. But he went on to book a protesting Darren Fletcher. Pathetic. The FA has asked Sir Alex to explain his comments today, and he faces a touchline ban if they don’t find it convincing enough, which I doubt they will.

van_der_sarAmid all the criticism as well as encouragement for giving Foster his much deserved match experience, our No. 1 has been picked for the reserves’ game against Everton tonight and this comes as great news for all the fans. Not so good news for Big Ben, though, who has iterated repeatedly that this is his most important season. I think the situation is tricky here. To be fair, he needs some match experience and 8 premier league games is not exactly enough. But then again, this is the top level and we can’t afford mistakes being made and concede goals. Whatever it is, Sir Alex is the perfect guy to decide how things should work and he will surely not let us down. To Van Der Sar!!


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