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ManUtd vs. Chelsea: Some Interesting Facts

Posted by unitedfanatic on April 1, 2010

A disappointing performance in Munich and an injury to our best player this season later, it is important for the players to put it behind them and look ahead to the remaining two season defining games, if I may add for cliche’ lovers, of the 3 games in 7 days.

Rooney is set to miss this one and its a shame he has to sit out these big games after such a sizzling run of form.

Here’s a set of interesting facts ahead of Chelsea’s trip to Old Trafford.

  • Sir Alex Ferguson has won only one and lost five (including Community Shield on penalties) of his six meetings with Carlo Ancelotti.
  • Man Utd have won three and lost none of their last four home games against Chelsea.
  • The Blues have only scored one goal in their last four visits to Old Trafford.
  • Man Utd have won 10 and drawn one of the 11 games that Rooney has not played for them in the Premier League since the start of 2008-09.
  • Man Utd have only conceded two goals in their last 11 Premier League matches at Old Trafford – both were headers.
  • Since Darren Bent scored for Sunderland in October, Man Utd have gone 19 hours and 23 minutes at Old Trafford without conceding from a shot; all four goals shipped since have been headers.
  • Didier Drogba has failed to score in eight Premier League appearances against Man Utd.
  • Nicolas Anelka scored in each of his first four Premier League starts against Man Utd, but has netted just one in his last eight starts versus the Red Devils.
  • Frank Lampard has scored eight goals in the last four Premier League games that Didier Drogba has missed
  • Dimitar Berbatov has scored eight goals in his last nine Premier League starts for Manchester United.

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An explanation from the man in the form of his life

Posted by unitedfanatic on January 21, 2010

You got it right. Yes we’re talking about him!

What a pity. He just loves the press, doesn’t he? Why all the explanations? Why all the justifications?

Well, surely, If he’s started it, then he won’t be the one to let someone else have the last laugh. All the slagging off in the press about United and all the LIES, he won’t be one to sit quiet!

Yeah, he deserves the Player of the month for what he achieved in December. Yes he’s playing good football. But can he be accommodating for the club he loves? Firstly, he doesn’t “love” his employer club like he claims. Its just joy and liking. He’s appreciated by the fans, he achieves trophies with the club, sure he’ll like it! But FYI mate, love goes beyond liking. Love means sacrifice for the greater good. Even if it means having to adjust. Secondly, NO. He cannot be accommodating. He wants to play as much as he wants to play.

This does bring up the confusing question involving love and professionalism. Its his job, right? Why bring love into it when he’s merely taking a better paying, more opportune offer elsewhere? How does it matter if they’re rivals? Its morally the right thing to do if he’s not been kept “satisfied” by his present employers, right?

This is where the players themselves need to be clear. Draw the line. At any other job, you’d just keep shut, collect your paycheck every month, keep giving your best output for your employers, and be with them through thick and thin. Occasionally worrying about appraisals, growth, etc. But this is football. Professionalism has a slightly different meaning. Essentially its the same! But there are certain things other professionals couldn’t dream of doing at with their employers.

Slagging them off in the press while still employed? First claiming that your manager is the best manager in the world, gives you a lot of respect and then 3 months later, saying he hasn’t even bothered to talk to you the whole year, and he’s disrespectful. Really?

I agree he wasn’t given a lot of opportunities in his second season with United. Was brought on as a sub for more times than he’d like to have started. But get this Tevez. If you want someone to be understanding about you, you ought to be understanding of them too. Atleast, that’s how it works in the normal world for normal people. Doesn’t seem to be like that in yours. You got to understand that when SAF was forced to shell out £8m-10m extra for Berbatov, it was obvious that the gaffer had GRAND plans for United, with the firepower of yourself and Rooney already at his disposal. So, it made sense to play Berbatov so he can settle down well with the team. Get used to how it works with playing in a squad, rather than a team. That would, unfortunately, involve you having to adjust for some time. But if you loved the manager, loved the fans, loved the club, is it too much to ask to repose trust in them? Especially after winning so many trophies? And being given so much time on the pitch? Even if sometimes as a sub, you still are getting playing time right? Not as much as you’d like, but even temporarily? Its not like you were sidelined completely. This is where the “I’m doing a job. I am a professional” affirmation comes in and the misery begins. Very convenient.

I must also mention that Joorabchian had a major role to play. He wouldn’t even settle for the £25m we offered. City had come knocking till then. And the verbal abuse had done its damage too. £47m from City is too tempting to turn down. About the fans’ reaction, You can’t not ask for it by saying “I love you fans!”, then signing for bitter rivals due to personal issues. Why take it out on the fans when the manager disrespected you.

So 5 months down, he’s apparently happy at City? Sure. Now their fans applaud him so he “loves” it there. There’s NO way City can keep Adebayor, Bellamy, Tevez, Santa Cruz, and Robinho all happy. Unless they throw in lot of money into the equation.

Again the pang of “I’m a professional” sets in. “I’m getting paid shitloads even when I’m not playing! The fans still love me! Geez!”. Which one of us wouldn’t love to be paid a lot of money even when we don’t work? Sure. All of us.

So really, the fine line between professionalism in football and professionalism in the outer world has been, is being, and will be abused time and again by players. Also, please do yourself a favour Tev. Don’t offer any more deluded explanations for what was.

You can read Tevez’s latest justifications here.

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No bigger disregard. No better favour !

Posted by unitedfanatic on November 10, 2009

5 points off the pace from the top of the table. Feels bad. And yet again we are done in by the referee. Feels real bad. This, despite playing some fantastic football and keeping the likes of Drogba, Essien, Lampard and Anelka silent. Feels like frikkin Arsenal. So what if the referee made an unfair decision against Chelsea, too?

Giving a yellow to Drogba for a Johny Evans foul seems like a license for Chelsea supporters to say that their United counterparts are overdoing the “ref did us in” debate.


Had Chelsea lost the game to some poor decisions, Well… We know the story. For refereeing mistakes such as in this game, its either the fans of one side who protest, or the other. All sane discussion goes out the window.


The equation is simple. Equip the referees, damn it! Get them aids (no pun intended) to help them make fair and balanced decisions. I’m not saying the refs are out to get us, or conspiring against us.

But why can’t anyone have the right to protest wrong decisions? For all the fuss made about the RESPECT campaign, there can be no faith, let alone respect, for referees who influence games toward unfair outcomes.

After letting the Darren bent balloon goal stand against Liverpool, the ref was demoted to refereeing in the championship. Does that make up for the mistake and points lost? No, Absolutely not.

It is a matter of highest concern, and the colours of protesting fans can only keep changing with passing games. It was blue in start of may after Barcelona qualified for the Finals of Champions League, Red yesterday, and who knows what tomorrow.

On a more encouraging note, United had a nice game yesterday, refereeing atrocities apart. Our performance was awesome and we outperformed and outclassed Chelsea left, right and centre. So taking heart from the performance is the wisest thing to do.

Critics of United, Beware. For, there can be no bigger disregard to the Premier League than underestimate Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United. Liverpool showed us off in the 90’s for our lack of titles compared to their 18. We stand on level ground now. We were written off several times last season owing to a bad start and the accompanying fixture pile-up. Ditto this time ’round, minus the fixture congestion and that can only be better for us. You can’t do us a bigger favour than underestimate United. Therein lies our strength, and your weakness.

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Battle at the bridge

Posted by unitedfanatic on November 7, 2009

“We will play against the second team in the the Premier League, but it’s just a game that carries three points like the others.

It’s a very important game because we play against a fantastic team. It will be a very difficult match but also a very interesting one.

Sometimes against Ferguson I’ve won. Sometimes he’s won. But it’s not a match between Ancelotti and Ferguson. It’s Chelsea versus Manchester United.”

So says Carlo Ancelotti, ahead of the meeting between Chelsea and Manchester United at Stamford Bridge.

Both managers have won two Champions League Cups, Ancelotti with AC Milan in 2002-03 and 2006-07, and Sir Alex in 1998-99 and 2007-08.

More notably, Sir Alex beat Ancelotti’s men(Juventus) in the semi-finals en route to European Glory in 1999, and Ancelotti returned the favour when leading Milan to European success in 2007.

In their 7 competitive meetings to date, Sir Alex has won twice, and Ancelotti four times, the latest being the win on penalties at the Wembley for the Community Shield.

Chelsea vs Manchester UnitedThis will be their first Premier League tussle, with Chelsea having a 2 point cushion at the top of the table above United in 2nd place, and I find it remarkable that both managers have good amount of respect for each other, bearing in mind the degree of competitiveness and intensity of past clashes.

Not only does it bode well for the game, it demonstrates that oafs like Rafa need to give us a break.

We did get a taste of the Chelsea diamond midfield in August this year, and we didn’t exactly crumble in Ronaldo’s absence, like it was made out to be then. While they didn’t have their best midfield in Lampard, Essien, Malouda and Obi Mikel, the typical United who pick up momentum(and form) gradually after the start of the season weren’t the best either.

After seeing out some patchy performances and losing at Anfield, the comeback from 3-1 down to draw 3-3 against CSKA Moscow was a breather as the spirit shown by our team to do what we did augurs well.

And with Fletch and Vidic back in the team, it shouldn’t be as rough!

Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that, though. Of course, from my heart I want United to win this and reclaim our rightful position, but my head says both teams will settle for a point each.

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Cause for concern??

Posted by unitedfanatic on November 1, 2009

Sir Alex FergusonAfter a 2-0 victory over Blackburn, many fans were left disappointed with the scoreline. United dominated the entire game, kept 60% possesion and had 11 shots on target to Blackburn’s 1. We SHOULD have bettered the scoreline and increased our goal difference. Blackburn were thrashed 5-0 at Stamford bridge, and let off the hook with just two goals at the Theatre of dreams in consecutive games.

Of course it was a stunning goal that Berba scored, and I would rather settle for fewer such quality goals than numerous routine goals, granted that both help us get the three points. Indeed there would be nothing like having numerous quality goals, but that’s beside the point I want to make here. Following Ronaldo’s departure, considering the stick United receive from the press after every loss or draw, it is true that fans are starting to expect more from the team’s performances, while the more centred-fans will atleast acknowledge the several doubts and questions rising in their minds irrespective of their faith in Sir Alex Ferguson. As Berba rightly said after the match, 3 points are the most important thing. The goals will come sooner or later. Just like the opening goal in the Blackburn game. Wave after wave of Red army attack, several misses, and finally that jaw dropping acrobatic volley.

So what I’m really trying to say is we should not panic. I’d be happier savouring the win than grumble about the lack of more goals. I repeat. The goals will come sooner or later.

Ahead of our trip to Stamford Bridge, here’s a set of stats between the top two of the lot.

Manchester United Chelsea
Scored in 1st half 6 26% 8 29%
Scored in 2nd half 17 74% 20 71%
Total Goals scored 23 28
Conceded in 1st half 5 45% 5 63%
Conceded in 2nd half 6 55% 3 37%
Total Goals conceded 11 8
Clean sheets 4 6
Top Scorer Wayne Rooney (7 goals) Didier Drogba (9 goals)

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Scholes was the real diamond amongst them, the baby-faced assassin

Posted by unitedfanatic on October 27, 2009

Andy GoramAndy Goram, who landed a shock loan deal with Manchester United in 2001 from Motherwell, in his Biography “The Goalie: My Story”, has revealed how his loan deal happened, and how he hung up on Sir Alex Ferguson thinking it was someone else mocking him!


When I had three months of my contract left, they let it be known that I wouldn’t be offered another one. I was knackered. Miriam and I were together at the time and she was driving me to training one day when my phone rang. Coisty. It was 9.30am and I thought he must be coming in from a night on the batter. Ally never phones you in the morning. We blethered, and I shrugged it off and went into training.

Then at lunchtime on the way home the phone rang again. Walter Smith. He was manager of Everton at the time and warned me to keep my phone on because someone was going to ring me.

‘What is it, gaffer? You got a job for me?’ I asked. ‘Just keep your fucking phone on,’ he growled.

Now I was starting to wonder what was going on. I suspected I was about to get the piss taken out of me. Two minutes later, the phone rang again.

‘Goalie, it’s Alex Ferguson here. We’ve got Bayern Munich on Wednesday and Liverpool at the weekend. Barthez is injured and Raimond van der Gouw is struggling. I need you to come down on loan until the end of the season.’

I said: ‘Coisty, f*** off’. And put the phone down. Ally could do Sir Alex perfectly. I wasn’t falling for that old one. The phone rang again and I told Miriam to answer it this time.

’Miriam, this is Alex Ferguson, and you can tell that fat bastard he’s got ten seconds to say aye or naw.’

It really was him. I thought I was dreaming. I’d been playing football for 20 years, and there had been many great moments. But I don’t think many come close to that call from Sir Alex Ferguson.

Further, he tells us about his experiences at the club right from the first day and has some interesting words for David Beckham and Paul Scholes.

McClaren took me around and introduced me to the squad, player by player. Here I was in the inner sanctum of the biggest club on the planet. Gary and Phil Neville’s dad is called Neville Neville. He was a lovely man I’d played cricket against in my summers growing up in Lancashire. As a result I knew the family and that was an ice-breaker. And for all of Keane’s fury at my arrival, the rest of the dressing room respected me and accepted me right away.

Jaap Stam changed next to me each morning. He was a huge man, imposing, and some player. He was brilliant with me and helped me through it. Paul Scholes comes from Middleton, where I grew up, so we also had a bond. Ryan Giggs, David Beckham, Paul Scholes – they are technicians of football, craftsmen of their trade.

Beckham has earned every penny he has now because he is an unbelievably dedicated athlete. I was his guinea pig on that training ground every morning. We’d stay behind after the session had finished, and he’d practise his free kicks with me in between the sticks. I loved it in the morning when he’d pop his head in after training and say: ‘Right, Goalie, let’s go’. He would stick a wall of plastic defenders in front of him, set down his 30 balls and we were off. Sir Alex had to force him to take days off. I loved working with the guy. Beckham came through the youth ranks with Giggs, Scholes and the Neville brothers, and there was a strong bond between them.

Giggs was the best crosser of a ball while running that I had ever seen – moving at pace and swirling over a killer centre. But Scholes was the real diamond amongst them, the baby-faced assassin. He was a man of few words, but he was well worth listening to when he did crack a sentence or two.

Here is another excerpt, in which he explains how he never got along well with Roy Keane, while all the players respected Keane and were scared of him.

Shark’s eyes. Dead, devoid of emotion, glaring at me. No handshake. Welcome to Manchester United. Roy Keane-style. The man who saw himself as the heartbeat of the Reds was giving me a message. He just looked right through me as the embarrassed Steve McClaren, the United No 2, tried to introduce the new on-loan keeper to his volcanic captain. From that second I knew there was no point in me making an effort with Keane. Roy had things he stood by, things that framed his life, beliefs he clung to with a burning intensity. Well, I had mine. What he did to me on that first morning at work at the most famous football club in the world didn’t faze me. It didn’t send me scurrying into my shell. I just thought: ‘F*** it. He’s not going to stop me enjoying this.’ He was a Celtic man, I was a Rangers man. He didn’t like me. End of story. Fair enough. After all, I’d done enough to make some Celtic fans dislike me in seven years at Ibrox. There was to be no handshake. Ever.


The truth is we didn’t exchange a civil word in the three months I was at Old Trafford. From day one we had arguments on the training pitch and didn’t get on. It was serious stuff. He hated the sight of me. However, I was 36 years old. I’d landed the move of my life in the twilight of my career. Was I going to let one man’s sneering disdain for me wreck the experience? Forget it.

There were clashes between us. One day in training, we were playing a game of eight-a-side, and Keane and Luke Chadwick were up front for my team. I always prided myself on the accuracy of my kicking, on being able to pick out a player from a distance, and that day I half-volleyed a peach right onto Chadwick’s foot. The kid snatched at it and ballooned his volley over the bar. Suddenly, I was the target of a volley of abuse from Keane.

’Hey you, give me the f*****g ball,’ he screamed.

I replied: ‘What, do you get the ball just cos you’re Roy Keane? F*** off.’

The atmosphere was icy from that moment on and on the way off the field Gary Neville collared me.

’Goalie,’ he said, ‘we don’t talk to Roy like that down here. We just don’t.’

It was a telling insight for me. I respected Keane as a player, but I couldn’t have that. As far as I was concerned, the way he spoke to some of the players was bang out of order. Many of them were clearly shit-scared of him.

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United we stand against Cancer

Posted by unitedfanatic on October 17, 2009


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Disappointing draw, SAF asked to explain comments and VDS up for reserve action

Posted by unitedfanatic on October 6, 2009

What a disappointing night for the champions Saturday was. I don’t even know where to start. Danny Welbeck and Johny Evans started the game and the opening minutes were utterly disappointing for us, not that they are to be singled out for it. The midfield failed to click, everyone tried to outdo the other in losing the ball and Sunderland were bang into it. We failed to break down their defence, let alone terrorise it. The defence was about the only thing that looked comparatively in shape, though significantly below our usual standards. Don’t think I need to say much about anything, but hope we don’t repeat such performances.

After the game, Sir Alex Ferguson made no bones of admitting the fact that we were pathetic, before ranting about the referee being pathetic too. It doesn’t mean he blamed the ref for losing, but he really was pathetic in the game. Bardsley received a booking the third time he committed a foul, which he should have received on his first itself. Ref took ages to book players and was nowhere near the United box when Jones elbowed Foster to head that second goal. But he went on to book a protesting Darren Fletcher. Pathetic. The FA has asked Sir Alex to explain his comments today, and he faces a touchline ban if they don’t find it convincing enough, which I doubt they will.

van_der_sarAmid all the criticism as well as encouragement for giving Foster his much deserved match experience, our No. 1 has been picked for the reserves’ game against Everton tonight and this comes as great news for all the fans. Not so good news for Big Ben, though, who has iterated repeatedly that this is his most important season. I think the situation is tricky here. To be fair, he needs some match experience and 8 premier league games is not exactly enough. But then again, this is the top level and we can’t afford mistakes being made and concede goals. Whatever it is, Sir Alex is the perfect guy to decide how things should work and he will surely not let us down. To Van Der Sar!!

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United beat Besiktas away from home, Rooney loses his marbles and Sir Alex defends him

Posted by unitedfanatic on September 16, 2009

C_71_article_1095194_image_list_image_list_item_0_imageLast night, United beat Besiktas away from home in their first European night in a bid to reclaim the Champions League No. 1 spot from Barcelona.  Starting with a 4-5-1 formation and Rooney up front on his own, we didnt necessarily outclass Besiktas with them defending in numbers. After 60 odd minutes, Sir Alex made changes by bringing in Carrick and Rooney and sending on Owen and Berbatov.

Rooney shook his head in disappointment on being subbed, occupied his place on the bench and threw his boots to the ground. We went on to win the game, courtesy Scholes’ 77th minute header(yes, HEADER!!!) and it is 3 points in the bag.

Sir Alex has defended Wazza’s attitude by saying “He had played alone up front for 60 minutes and he was always coming off. He was disappointed because he is an energetic lad and he wants to play all the time”.

Well, you wouldn’t think SAF would choose to not comment on it. His defence for Wayne was expected, just like he defended Ronaldo for a hissy fit on the same lines last season. But then, it isn’t exactly right to compare the two. While I feel Wazza was justified for doing what he did, he shouldn’t have done what ronaldo does best.

We are not alien to Rooney’s temperamental bomb and there is nothing to gain. When he got himself sent off against Portugal at the World Cup, it wasnt his fault he got sent off and the whole world knows it. But what the heck does it matter. England were one man down and it was game over. It wasnt just any man. It was Wayne Rooney. This is what I fear for Wazza, and United in particular.

Rooney supports the heaviest burden of expectations by United fans from the whole squad and, god forbid, if he gets us in a difficult situation due to this, it will be a massive blow for the fans, the dressing room atmosphere, and our performance on the pitch. Making a mistake is not the issue. Not correcting it is. While Rooney keeps his cool most of the times and he is, no doubt, a thorough professional, it is these rare instances which get hyped, and have an impact on the referees who might need to take decisions within seconds.

So here’s hoping Wazza realizes his responsibilities, and proves his critics wrong that he is not material enough to captain United one day. Go Wazza!

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Thats why they win titles and European titles : Redknapp

Posted by unitedfanatic on September 13, 2009


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