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First silverware of the season!

Posted by unitedfanatic on February 28, 2010

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Rooney’s hot streak continues as Tevez and Cook are silenced

Posted by unitedfanatic on January 29, 2010

What a game! Taken me 2 days to decide what to write about it!!

Tevez scored twice from bogus opportunities , and did all the talking after the first leg (with Garry Cook pitching in), while asking us to do the talking on the pitch, rather than in the press. Well, I expect he did that too. I reckon some shallow colleague of his gave him a mouthful during their training game and gave him a distorted version of Gary Neville’s comments, and the thick head took the “talking on the pitch” too literally.

Our midfield shone bright yet again and brushed aside all the flak they constantly receive from the press, supporters and other players, like Kaka, who are stuck with Ronaldo. So what if we can’t be the same. We can be good in different ways! We also dispatched the tag of us being a “One man” team. Despite the “one man” grabbing the clincher. Wazza’s streak continues as he added one more to his 21 goal kitty.

All in all, what a beating United gave ’em. And a coin and beer bottle too.  Cheers!!

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No bigger disregard. No better favour !

Posted by unitedfanatic on November 10, 2009

5 points off the pace from the top of the table. Feels bad. And yet again we are done in by the referee. Feels real bad. This, despite playing some fantastic football and keeping the likes of Drogba, Essien, Lampard and Anelka silent. Feels like frikkin Arsenal. So what if the referee made an unfair decision against Chelsea, too?

Giving a yellow to Drogba for a Johny Evans foul seems like a license for Chelsea supporters to say that their United counterparts are overdoing the “ref did us in” debate.


Had Chelsea lost the game to some poor decisions, Well… We know the story. For refereeing mistakes such as in this game, its either the fans of one side who protest, or the other. All sane discussion goes out the window.


The equation is simple. Equip the referees, damn it! Get them aids (no pun intended) to help them make fair and balanced decisions. I’m not saying the refs are out to get us, or conspiring against us.

But why can’t anyone have the right to protest wrong decisions? For all the fuss made about the RESPECT campaign, there can be no faith, let alone respect, for referees who influence games toward unfair outcomes.

After letting the Darren bent balloon goal stand against Liverpool, the ref was demoted to refereeing in the championship. Does that make up for the mistake and points lost? No, Absolutely not.

It is a matter of highest concern, and the colours of protesting fans can only keep changing with passing games. It was blue in start of may after Barcelona qualified for the Finals of Champions League, Red yesterday, and who knows what tomorrow.

On a more encouraging note, United had a nice game yesterday, refereeing atrocities apart. Our performance was awesome and we outperformed and outclassed Chelsea left, right and centre. So taking heart from the performance is the wisest thing to do.

Critics of United, Beware. For, there can be no bigger disregard to the Premier League than underestimate Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United. Liverpool showed us off in the 90’s for our lack of titles compared to their 18. We stand on level ground now. We were written off several times last season owing to a bad start and the accompanying fixture pile-up. Ditto this time ’round, minus the fixture congestion and that can only be better for us. You can’t do us a bigger favour than underestimate United. Therein lies our strength, and your weakness.

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Rooney now a proud father!!

Posted by unitedfanatic on November 2, 2009

Proud parents

Proud parents

Coleen Rooney had gone into labour today, as The Mirror reported earlier, observing Rooney’s absence from training.

It has been declared that Wayne and Coleen are now proud parents of a baby boy they have named Kai Wayne, who arrived nine days overdue at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital at 1420 GMT.

Their spokesperson confirmed, “Mother and baby are both absolutely fine, Wayne and Coleen are thrilled with the wonderful addition to their family life.”

Many congrats Wazza and Coleen!!

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Happy Birthday Wazza!!

Posted by unitedfanatic on October 24, 2009


This day in 1985, Wayne Rooney was born in Croxteth, Liverpool (how cool is that!!! He must be one of Liverpool’s biggest exports since The Beatles!) and grew up an Everton supporter. Signed for them on schoolboy terms at the age of 10, and the rest is history! Read the rest of this entry »

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United beat Besiktas away from home, Rooney loses his marbles and Sir Alex defends him

Posted by unitedfanatic on September 16, 2009

C_71_article_1095194_image_list_image_list_item_0_imageLast night, United beat Besiktas away from home in their first European night in a bid to reclaim the Champions League No. 1 spot from Barcelona.  Starting with a 4-5-1 formation and Rooney up front on his own, we didnt necessarily outclass Besiktas with them defending in numbers. After 60 odd minutes, Sir Alex made changes by bringing in Carrick and Rooney and sending on Owen and Berbatov.

Rooney shook his head in disappointment on being subbed, occupied his place on the bench and threw his boots to the ground. We went on to win the game, courtesy Scholes’ 77th minute header(yes, HEADER!!!) and it is 3 points in the bag.

Sir Alex has defended Wazza’s attitude by saying “He had played alone up front for 60 minutes and he was always coming off. He was disappointed because he is an energetic lad and he wants to play all the time”.

Well, you wouldn’t think SAF would choose to not comment on it. His defence for Wayne was expected, just like he defended Ronaldo for a hissy fit on the same lines last season. But then, it isn’t exactly right to compare the two. While I feel Wazza was justified for doing what he did, he shouldn’t have done what ronaldo does best.

We are not alien to Rooney’s temperamental bomb and there is nothing to gain. When he got himself sent off against Portugal at the World Cup, it wasnt his fault he got sent off and the whole world knows it. But what the heck does it matter. England were one man down and it was game over. It wasnt just any man. It was Wayne Rooney. This is what I fear for Wazza, and United in particular.

Rooney supports the heaviest burden of expectations by United fans from the whole squad and, god forbid, if he gets us in a difficult situation due to this, it will be a massive blow for the fans, the dressing room atmosphere, and our performance on the pitch. Making a mistake is not the issue. Not correcting it is. While Rooney keeps his cool most of the times and he is, no doubt, a thorough professional, it is these rare instances which get hyped, and have an impact on the referees who might need to take decisions within seconds.

So here’s hoping Wazza realizes his responsibilities, and proves his critics wrong that he is not material enough to captain United one day. Go Wazza!

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ManUtd 3 – 1 Spurs

Posted by unitedfanatic on September 12, 2009

Result:   Manchester United 3 – 1 Tottenham Hotspur

Giggs 25′                               Defoe 1′

Anderson 41′

Rooney 78′

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More praise for Rooney

Posted by unitedfanatic on September 10, 2009


Following the comments made by Sir Alex Ferguson, Fabio Capello, Alex McLeish, and Gary Neville, it is now Sir Bobby Charlton who has heaped praises on the Manchester United striker and deemed him important for club and country.

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Major news today and BBC’s gossip column

Posted by unitedfanatic on September 7, 2009

Monday’s tabloids are covering an Inside United interview by the Gaffer, Sir Alex Ferguson. In the interview, Sir Alex reaffirmed his faith in Wayne Rooney, and added that rooney has the “drive and hunger” to succeed. He also underlined the importance of a more central role for Wazza, before adding that he is still young and there’s room for learning to channelise his energy. Further, Sir Alex claimed that if Wazza can concentrate like he did against Wigan, then nothing and no one can stop him from scoring goals.

In other news, Le Havre president Jean-Pierre Louvel has confirmed that they have submitted their case against Manchester United to FIFA. After Chelsea were hit with a transfer ban till January 2011, Le Havre have left no stone unturned in taking their case to FIFA and complaining that United offered money and incentives to Pogba. The alleged “offer” made by United has been disclosed as

£15,500-a-month when he turns 17 next year
– Payments of more than £85,000 each to the French teenager’s separated parents
– To buy Pogba a house
  • £15,500-a-month when Pogba turns 17 next year
  • Payments of more than £85,000 each to the French teenager’s separated parents
  • To buy Pogba a house

While it may take months, or even years for FIFA to arrive at any conclusion, lets hope that everything has been done, as United authorities claim, “Within UEFA guidelines”.

And finally, Monday’s gossip column on BBC claims United are seeking to secure the services of highly rated Russia and CSKA Moscow stopper, Igor Akinfeev, to fill in the boots of the ageing Edvin Van Der Sar. While the rumour mills keep grinding, there is speculation on whether he will directly claim the No.1 jersey if the transfer happens. Yet another set of rumours claim that United’s polish goalkeeper Tomasz Kuszczak is unhappy of his role at the club as he nears his best footballing years and is willing to leave in january.

Here’s a little clip of Igor Akinfeev in action.

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Berbatov: Rooney offers more than ronaldo

Posted by unitedfanatic on September 6, 2009

With Dimitar Berbatov speaking highly about rooney as the season started, it comes as no surprise that he, yet again, claims Rooney adds more to the game than ronaldo did, in an interview with News of the World.


“Wayne is the biggest talent in the Premier League. We have lost a great player in Ronaldo, but even when he was at the club Wayne was still the biggest natural talent for me. He has much more to his game than Ronaldo. I wish Cristiano well, but he is our past now and Manchester United can become bigger and better without him.”

Berbatov has vowed to “sweat blood” for Manchester United this season. After conquering the pressures of a debut season following a big money transfer to United, Berbatov has impressed with his languid style of play, though sections of United fans might argue otherwise, pointing to his lack of goals and “lazy” attitude. Accepting the pressure on his shoulders, Berbatov reaffirmed his commitment to the cause and said:

“I am aware I came with a big price tag and I am ready to prove this season just what I can do. We have a chance to make it four titles in a row and that means making history if we succeed. I would not say my playing style is laid back, it is just a different style. I like time on the ball and I like space. If I can get that, then I know I can free up players like Nani and Wayne Rooney who do lots of running.”, said Berbatov. He added, “I am ready to sweat blood for this club. I want to create and score goals and I know I can be part of a trophy-winning team this season.”

With his 2 assists and a goal coming off the penalty spot, he will be high on morale and the praise for his strike partner at United will only add to their chemistry on the pitch ahead of the crucial away encounter against his former club. Lets hope the two of them prove too hot to handle for the hotspurs.

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