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No bigger disregard. No better favour !

Posted by unitedfanatic on November 10, 2009

5 points off the pace from the top of the table. Feels bad. And yet again we are done in by the referee. Feels real bad. This, despite playing some fantastic football and keeping the likes of Drogba, Essien, Lampard and Anelka silent. Feels like frikkin Arsenal. So what if the referee made an unfair decision against Chelsea, too?

Giving a yellow to Drogba for a Johny Evans foul seems like a license for Chelsea supporters to say that their United counterparts are overdoing the “ref did us in” debate.


Had Chelsea lost the game to some poor decisions, Well… We know the story. For refereeing mistakes such as in this game, its either the fans of one side who protest, or the other. All sane discussion goes out the window.


The equation is simple. Equip the referees, damn it! Get them aids (no pun intended) to help them make fair and balanced decisions. I’m not saying the refs are out to get us, or conspiring against us.

But why can’t anyone have the right to protest wrong decisions? For all the fuss made about the RESPECT campaign, there can be no faith, let alone respect, for referees who influence games toward unfair outcomes.

After letting the Darren bent balloon goal stand against Liverpool, the ref was demoted to refereeing in the championship. Does that make up for the mistake and points lost? No, Absolutely not.

It is a matter of highest concern, and the colours of protesting fans can only keep changing with passing games. It was blue in start of may after Barcelona qualified for the Finals of Champions League, Red yesterday, and who knows what tomorrow.

On a more encouraging note, United had a nice game yesterday, refereeing atrocities apart. Our performance was awesome and we outperformed and outclassed Chelsea left, right and centre. So taking heart from the performance is the wisest thing to do.

Critics of United, Beware. For, there can be no bigger disregard to the Premier League than underestimate Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United. Liverpool showed us off in the 90’s for our lack of titles compared to their 18. We stand on level ground now. We were written off several times last season owing to a bad start and the accompanying fixture pile-up. Ditto this time ’round, minus the fixture congestion and that can only be better for us. You can’t do us a bigger favour than underestimate United. Therein lies our strength, and your weakness.


5 Responses to “No bigger disregard. No better favour !”

  1. Vishal said

    Good post .. True .. refs need to be equipped ..

    Am not using evans as a means to justify our goal .. our goal did not stand .. and it was unfair .. but events like tat of evans are not meant to be on the football field .. drogba cud be/cud have been looking for major injury time!

    also .. i dont think united really ‘outclassed’ chelsea ..

    Yes .. the dominated the better part of the game .. but show me the chances u created?
    the gaols and near misses .. ??
    There werent many .. trust me ..

    now i dont wanna say u guys were bad .. like i said .. they played well and dominated the better part of the game ..

    jus watch the chelsea/villa game .. or the chelsea/wigan game ..
    and u will see that both villa and wigan played us better than united did on that day ..

  2. united4ever2009 said

    Chelsea didn’t have clear cut chances either. Van Der Sar was least troubled until the goal. So a draw would’ve sufficed.

  3. united4ever2009 said

    About the same time last year, we lost to Arsenal at the Emirates and then the great clean sheet streak began.

  4. Spot on mate. I want to add that people should take a firm stand. We were in a hole losing at anfield, letting in 3 goals at home against CSKA Moscow and there was no way we would be able to contain the swashbuckling chelsea. Yet we did that, came into our own and posed some serious threat going forward, unlike long range efforts of anelka and co.

    Against wigan, it was largely due to a red card to cech, and so it doesn’t make sense to compare that. The game against villa was the shaky defence one. When 6 out of your 8 goals had been conceded to set pieces. Not to mention, both goals came from snuffing out the ball to corners, and were from set pieces resulting from corner kicks. Not really called outperforming.

    • Chelseaforlife said

      If you notice the wigan game .. they won coz of the red card to cech .. right?
      if u notice petr cech got a red coz he fouled rodegella when he was on his way to score ..

      All i am trying to say is yes .. 0-0 was a apt result .. and that there is no way one can claim that united outclassed chelsea left right and centre .. tat wud be taking a bit too much out for positives ..

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